Forgetful Love: Chapter 5

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Anjali said, ” Your name is Rudra Singh. I’m your big sister, my name is Anjali. She’s your mother and he is your father. He is D.I.G. of Police. That girl sitting next to you, her name is Aaruhi. You also have a big brother. He is a doctor and he lives in Mumbai. Okay then we got to know each other. Now let’s go and sleep.”

Rudra was dumbfounded. He said, ” Is that all there is to my past? Please don’t joke around.”

Anjali laughed and said, ” I’m sorry. You go to the College of Science, Technology and Arts. You are currently pursuing your bachelor’s degree from there. You are above average at studies and exceptional at sports. You spend 2 hours of your day at gym working out. You kind of follow the clock very tightly.”

Rudra said, ” Okay, so I’m a pretty good guy, I guess?”

Aaruhi, ” Believe me, you are good but most of the times you are annoying.”

Rudra said, ” I want to ask you a something Aaruhi, give me an honest answer. Do you hate me or what?”

Aaruhi said, ” No, not really.”

Rudra said, ” Then why do you always say something bad about me. It feels like every sentence you speak about me there has to be one bad word in it.”

Aaruhi said, “To be honest I don’t hate you. I can never hate you.”

Rudra said, ” Well, that’s reassuring because I wouldn’t like to have you as an enemy.”

Aaruhi was confused and said, ” What does that mean?”

Rudra ignored her question and said, ” So Dee, You skipped the main part. How did I lose my memories?”

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