Forgetful Love: Chapter 10

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Known Forgotten Face:

Aaruhi said, ” Nothing.”

Rudra started laughing and said, ” I can’t believe you thought I’m going to propose to you. That’s really funny.”

Rudra couldn’t stop laughing and Aaruhi said, ” Oh come on, you loved me before you lost your memory. ”

Rudra started laughing even more and said, ” Oh you wish. Damn you’re funny. At first I didn’t really like you but now I get what other members of my family see in you. You are really stupid and they pity you for lack of intelligence. You know what? From today I’m not going to make fun of you.”

Aaruhi said, ” Go on and laugh. I really didn’t want to break your heart that’s why I told you to propose me, so that you can get that out of your system. And I was going to say no if you proposed me.”

Rudra stopped laughing and said in a serious tone, ” Oh, okay then. Give me one last hug.”

Aaruhi said, ” Okay, but this one would be the last one.”

Aaruhi came closer to Rudra to hug him. And suddenly Rudra started laughing. He said, ” Damn it, you love me. Don’t you? Let’s hug right now, lover.”

Aaruhi punched him in the stomach and said, ” I was doing you a favour and you are making fun of me. I must say you’re rude.”

Aaruhi turned around and faced in other direction. She stood there angry and pouting.

Rudra said, ” Okay listen, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made fun of you.”

Aaruhi didn’t say anything. She just stood there ignoring him. Rudra said, ” Come on, I said I’m sorry. What else do you want me to do? Okay, I’ll do one thing whatever you wish for. Good?”

Aaruhi turned around in joy and with huge smile on her face. She said, ” Promise?”

Rudra said, ” That’s quite a big smile on your face. I promise.”

Aaruhi said, ” Good. Remember, you are someone who never goes back on his words.”

Rudra said, ” Just what the hell are you planning to make me do. Please don’t make me do something indecent.”

Aaruhi slapped him gently on his arms and said, ” Oh come on, I wouldn’t do something like that. So why did you bring me here outside?”

Rudra said, ” Oh yeah, there was this girl here a little while ago. She was average in height,slim and had fair complexion. She was really beautiful. She came out of that house. Do you know her?”

The smile on Aaruhi face vanished and said, ” Why? What happened?”

Rudra said,” Nothing, it’s just that-”

Aaruhi said, ” Whatever happened, I don’t care. You should stay away from her. Okay?”

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