Ethereal: Chapter 1

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Starting Point:

“Hey! Wake up, wake up”, said a man.

This Man’s name is Antonio. He has a muscular frame. He is very good looking. He is a great friend of Abigail.

The girl opened her eyes. She jumped out of the bed and suddenly started running here and there. She said, ” What’s the time? Damn it, what’s the time?”

This girl, she is Abigail. She is quite intelligent and very beautiful. She does have an ever-going rivalry with time.

Antonio said, ” We are going to be late, so it doesn’t matter now. You can take your time.”

Abigail became very worried, she held her head and sat down on the floor. She said, “Not again, not again.”

Abigail ran towards the washroom and started getting ready. Antonio went downstairs to the dining room and started eating his breakfast. Abigail came in rushing, took a sandwich from Antonio’s plate, grabbed Antonio and started running towards her college.

They both reached their class. Her teacher said, “That’s it. Not this time. You’re not allowed to enter my class for entire year. Leave before I get mad and debar you from the rest of the exams this year. And you Antonio, she was your responsibility, wasn’t she? Leave, both of you. Now!”

They both left and Abigail started hitting Antonio. She said, “It’s all your fault.” And she started crying.

Antonio hugged her and said, “It’s alright, we are going to apologize to sir and he will forgive us. Don’t worry.”

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Abigail stopped crying. Antonio said, ” Why don’t we go get something to eat. I know an awesome place that opened up recently.”

They walked up to the restaurant. They were in the parking lot and suddenly a car blasted and came flying towards Abigail. Abigail didn’t have time to do anything and just as the car was about to hit Abigail, a man came and stopped the car mid air with a single hand.

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Abigail was shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her legs got numb and she fell down. She said, ” Who are you? How did you do that?”

The man said, “Well it was very easy. You could do it as well.”

Abigail said, ” Anyways, Thanks for saving me.”

The man said, “What? I didn’t save you. I came here to kill you myself.”

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