Chapter 1: How Not to Build a Wormhole

A delightful short story about time travel, worms, and their holes. Here’s the original creator’s blog:

Time Traveler's Guide to Changing the Past

Someone definitely fucked up.

Like ultra, idiot fucked up.

It may have been me.

I really should’ve pipetted more carefully. That’s the last time I take lab advice from Grey’s Anatomy.

A wormhole opened up in the middle of the laboratory—this part was expected. The unexpected part was bridging the completely wrong times and places, and not to mention that our supervisor Dr. Heinemann was out for lunch.

The discovery of wormholes was nothing new, really. They dotted the universe like sesame seeds on a hamburger bun. In fact, the curvature of a hamburger bun greatly resembles the current model for the curvature of the universe to the extent that hamburger buns are in high demand by physicists and their sale to consumers is prohibited. Currently, the weekly hamburger bun limit in Canada is two per person.

So you see, wormholes were nothing really new. What was new was the…

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