Just walk away

I needed to see this quote today as this is just what I am doing. You can’t win an argument with a narcissist as they don’t feel empathy. There is no reasoning. They don’t care what horrendous words they have said and how it has deeply hurt you. They don’t realise the great job you have done raising their children, while they are frankly useless. They big themselves up and truly believe their own lies. They also make their children believe them too. You are always the weak person the underdog. Walk away leave them to their own lies. They … Continue reading Just walk away

My boyfriend is so mean to me

I got dressed this morning and put my make up on.  I only had my scruffs on.  My tracksuit pants and a top. Nothing special as it’s a cold miserable rainy day.  I wasn’t planning on going very far just maybe a quick trip to the shops. My boyfriend said to me “you are planning on going out like that are you? “.  I felt immediately hurt.  How cruel I thought.  It’s not like him. I went on the defence immediately and said “what’s wrong with me”. He said “your top is inside out”. It made me chuckle. Of course … Continue reading My boyfriend is so mean to me

Living with a narcissist and domestic violence

I used to live with a narcissist over 15 years ago and his words and abuse still affect me now in so many ways.  I have two children with my ex partner and he still tries to control me now.  Over the years I have had cognitive behavioural therapy and taken antidepressants to help me and I still take them  now.  I was with my partner for 13 years.  After leaving my partner I had a number of failed relationships and funnily enough I picked the same type of person, it is not until I met my present partner that … Continue reading Living with a narcissist and domestic violence