The Girl in Yellow

“My mom took my younger sisters inside the house, and I set off outside to play in the giant pile of leaves my grandfather had raked up earlier that morning. I had a few plastic figurines from a popular children’s movie stashed in the pocket of my jeans, and after I dug around in the leaves for a while, I pulled the figurines out and let my imagination run wild. I was still fairly young and assumed that because I was hidden from view, the sounds of my characters and their voices were shielded from escaping my leaf fortress. I … Continue reading The Girl in Yellow

The Chess Game

“At some point during our first month living together, Noah had received a chess set. It had sat on the coffee table, unopened, until we found ourselves without power. Without TV and because smart phones were not yet commonplace, we had no distractions and were at a loss for conversation. Until, that is, I motioned to the chess set.    “Where did you get that?” I asked, pointing to the box.    “Troy got it from Betty. He doesn’t play so he gave it to me. Why? Do you play?” Noah answered.    “Yeah, I love chess, but I haven’t … Continue reading The Chess Game

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

November 20th is fast approaching! Don’t forget in addition to the wonderful efforts of  Tim Baughman, Eve Jacob, Tabitha, Sounds Nerdy, and our friends broadcasting the  podcast We Were (Kind of) A Big Deal in College . 100% of proceeds from Candy Apple Butterscotch and Novelties: A Collection of Unfinished Short Stories will go toward a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Thats right! 100% of all proceeds from November 20th- December 25th 2018 will be donated to the AFSP. Kindle and paperback editions are eligible. “I was running. Fast and furious through a forest full of cotton candy … Continue reading American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

And Yet…

Blessed be the artist, For to him is given the dream of creation. Whilst others scramble in mud, He may dream that it is liquid silver. While others scream over a bent fender, He may imagine them in chivalric fashion, A pair of armored sea lions at the tilt. When a fish flies from the sea, Trailing a shimmering blade of water, He is blessed to see more than mere water; To him is given sight to see and ears to hear The music of all creation, Played in between the patter of rain The roar of the windy surf … Continue reading And Yet…

Cursed the Artist

Cursed is the artist, Who ever must bear witness To the ever distant horizon Whose eye alone can see Shores beyond sight Beyond existence. Cursed is he who must see The shimmering crystal waters Of a lake of ruby and gold Guarded by a giant of iron and stone; Imprisoned within, a maid of diamond. For he sees another who goes A knight of bronze and fire, Another one forever uncreated, Another song unsung, Another shore unseen. A warrior who lives only in dreams. And though his throat parch Thinking of those effervescent waters He must away to a land … Continue reading Cursed the Artist